The Beach Tampa Is A Blast!

The Beach Tampa Is A Blast! 

Posted: 9:26 am Wednesday, August 10th, 2016

By Ann Kelly


Our beaches are wonderful! Warm sand between our toes, gentle breezes and beautiful blue water. But this time of year, it’s also very hot, very crowded and we seem to take half the sand home in the car. So why not dive into The Beach Tampa for a very unique experience that has even the adults jumping in headfirst!

The Beach Tampa is the brainchild of Snarkitecture, and is presented by the Vinik Family Foundation. Amalie Arena is now home to a 15,000 square foot immersive experience unlike anything else.  The “ocean” is made up of 1.2 million recyclable and antimicrobial white balls that you just have to jump into. Word of warning from a few friends that have already been there – make sure you turn on the cell phone if you plan on having it with you when you do jump it. Trying to find it within the “ocean” can be about as easy as trying to find it in the real thing. Does make for some great exercise.

For more on The Beach Tampa just click here. It’s free! But you must get a ticket and that’s as easy as paying a visit to the McDonalds ticket office at Amalie Arena. Don’t wait – The Beach Tampa is only open through August 25th. For a cool look behind the scenes with the Viniks, click here!