A “Powerful” Message On Storm Safety

A “Powerful” Message On Storm Safety 

Posted: 10:26 am Thursday, September 1st, 2016

By Ann Kelly



Lineman_Dan_OwensEarlier this year, I had the chance to meet some of the men and women that we come to depend on when the power goes out from Duke Energy. It happened to be about National Lineman Day, and the video we shot has some very timely information about the dangers involved with what they do on a daily basis and why safety is always the most important part of that job. With the strong possibility of more power outages. I thought I’d share that with you, along with this advice from Duke Energy’s Suzanne Grant. Take a moment to listen to her advice, and in case the power does go out make sure you have the TuneIn radio app on your phone so we can be there with you throughout the storm. You can also check the Duke site for their power outage map…just in case. Here’s a look back at my Ann-Venture with Duke Energy.

Thursday, April 7th. The morning we had three tornado warnings all before 9 am with two confirmed touchdowns in New Port Richey and Clearwater. A lot of us were without power for a while and that meant the men and women of Duke Energy were extra busy. Trust me, I did the legwork. While I was on the air I was constantly checking the outage map since the Clearwater tornado came way too close to my house. But as busy as they were that morning, by the time I took an incredibly well-timed Ann-Venture to talk with the linemen about their work things were much calmer, even sunny.

Duke_Energy_logoThink about how much work they had to do that morning, and on a daily basis, in what can be dangerous situations. But after I talked with Matt Thomas, Construction and Maintenance Supervisor, Chet Braden, Lineman and Dan Owens, a Lineman Apprentice it was clear that safety is job one at all times when they are at work. Take a look at my video from the Duke Energy St Petersburg Operations Center to see how much a lineman has to learn – everything from the proper steps in preparing for work, to the actual job, and why not having a fear of heights is a real plus on the job. By the way, my thanks to my cameraman Buck who went sky-high in the bucket with Dan to to get those wonderful shots. Oh, I went up….about 20 feet….

bucketNational Lineman Appreciation Day is every April 18th, a nationwide day to honor those who quietly do their jobs so that we all have the power we need to keep the food fresh, the kids cool, and the lights on.  Give the men and women a true thank you that day by using #NationalLinemanDay and #thankalineman on Social Media. I’ll be wearing my honorary Duke Energy hard hat! My thanks for setting up our latest Ann-Venture to Peveeta Persaud, former APR Duke Energy Communications and Rob Sumner, Community Relations for Duke Energy, and thanks also to Suzanne Grant for her advice on this Ann-Venture.