Read Your Way To Your Own Ann-Venture 

Posted: 8:01 am Saturday, January 21st, 2017

By Ann Kelly


Venice Beach Dunes

Venice Beach Dunes

Yes, I love to read and how I wish I had more spare time to do so. That sentence is going to change. I think it’s a matter of survival in a way. Let me ask you this; how much stress are you under on a daily basis? Okay. Let’s go from there. When I knew that life was controlling me and not the other way around I made myself a few promises. You’ve probably read one of those if you follow me on Facebook. Lunch at the beach at least once a week. Well let me amend that. Lunch in a favorite spot at least once a week, whether it’s the beach, a park or anyone of a plethora of wonderful locations around Tampa Bay. A waterfront view is a major favorite, but a bench in place like Brooker Creek Preserve or Honeymoon Island also is just fine. That one hour will be filled with peace and a new favorite book.

daily-showI picked up “The Daily Show – The Book” and also treated myself to the new bio by Bruce Springsteen – “Born to Run.” Oh, and yes those are actual books. When the laptop goes to the electronics recycling bin in the sky, we’ll talk about something else. I also have books that I can listen to on the way into work in the car. But I do love my books which in total right now number somewhere around a couple hundred. If I can’t sleep a book is a good friend for an hour, and to be honest on a plane you know how handy they can be with an overly-friendly seatmate. I also love sharing them with friends and if that friend is a little person still learning their ABC’s that’s even better. You can take some amazing Ann-Ventures of your own with a good book. Treat yourself to one today.