The “Potato Pups”

The “Potato Pups” 

Posted: 5:55 am Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

By Ann Kelly




ann-and-rick-with-crinkleThere is no one that can tell an animal’s story like Suncoast Animal League Executive Director Rick Chaboudy. From the rescues of maybe one pup or kitty, to eleven rambunctious and fairly wild “potato pups” Rick has seen it all – almost. But this most recent rescue was a tough one that is having a happy ending thanks to the many volunteers, fosters and “puppy cuddlers” that have stepped forward to make sure that the poor little pups that were covered with fleas when they were rescued have happy homes. Their distinctive look comes from a whole lot of Shar Pei, perhaps some German Shepherd, but the most adorable faces you’ll eve have the pleasure of falling in love with.


rickI was lucky enough to meet “Crinkle” who came to visit with Rick as part of the socialization process. She was a slight handful and most definitely was not a fan of our elevator. But her warm and loving side came out right away and she stole many hearts around here. The Suncoast Animal League is always in need of more foster families and volunteers, but you do have to have some training. Please take the time to visit their Facebook page right now for the latest chance to become part of such an incredibly dedicated group and to keep up on the progress of all the Potato Pups. Someday they’ll need homes….


suncoastI’ll be back at Mutt Madness in Highlander Park Saturday, March 11th and of course at Dogtoberfest later this year. But the Suncoast Animal League always needs you, your donations and your follows! Meet the rest of the “Potato Pups” and all the shelter residents that need their forever homes.