Mutt Madness Is Almost Here! 

Posted: 3:35 am Friday, March 10th, 2017

By Ann Kelly

I’m so excited! Saturday, more pets will find their forever homes at our 11th Annual Mutt Madness in Highlander Park, Dunedin. The Suncoast Animal League and The Dove will back under the oaks with some 100 dogs that have been living with loving volunteer foster families and some from their shelter in Palm Harbor just waiting to meet you. All week long in Ann-Ventures we’ve been introducing to some of them. Here’s our final group that would like to get to know you – and remember so many more than this will be there on Saturday.


Mia is a lovely pup who will smother you with kisses and love! She has spent the past 4 years in a rural shelter, waiting for a forever family that never came along so the Suncoast Animal League offered to help. She has been in a foster home for a couple of weeks so we know quite a bit about her glowing personality. Her foster mom told us, “Right off the bat, she has a sweet and loving disposition. Mia is very calm and we’re not even sure she knows how to bark! Mia is wonderful with other dogs and gets very excited to play, but we believe she would do just as well being the only dog as humans are her favorites. She comes when you call her, goes potty outside, and loves treats!” Mia has been spayed, microchipped and is up-to-date with vaccines. She is 6-years-old and weighs approximately 35 lbs.






Meet Thyme & Chili. How adorable are these 3-month-old puppies? They are litter mates, but quite different from one another in size AND personality. Thyme (right) is 14 lbs., while Chili (left) is 7 lbs. Thyme has more energy and loves to do zoomies in the backyard. She’s a jumper and climber. She loves going for long walks. Chili is well, more chill. She’s also playful, but enjoys snuggles more. She likes walks, but prefers you keep them brief. The puppies are alike in many ways though. They’re both good with children and other dogs. Both love getting attention from their foster family and will make any household happy to have them. Thyme and Chili have been spayed, microchipped and are up-to-date with vaccines. Their potty training is still a work in progress, but both puppies are learning quickly. Final similarity?? They will both be looking for forever homes at the “11th Annual Mutt Madness.”



The Ride For The Animals will also be kicking off at 7 am, and for online registration, just click here, or just make sure you’re there before 7 am. If you’re not quite ready to adopt, come by and meet the many rescue groups and pet-friendly groups that will also be on site to chat. The Suncoast Animal League staff and volunteers will be happy to tell you about volunteer opportunities and how to become a foster family. We’ll kick things off at 11:30 am, and I have the schedule for you below. It’s a full day of fun and puppy breath – how could you ask for more?



11:30am: 11th Annual Mutt Madness Festivities Begin

12:00: Pet-Owner Look-Alike Costume Contest

1:30: Dancing with the Paws

2:45: Fido Idol

3:30: Special Presentation

5:00: 11th Annual Mutt Madness Festivities End


Schedule of Events is subject to change without notice.  Please check back for updates.