Puppies And Kittens And Fun – Oh My!

Puppies And Kittens And Fun – Oh My! 

Posted: 9:00 am Sunday, March 12th, 2017

By Ann Kelly

Need a smile sometime today? We have the perfect pick-me-up with the new Puppy and Kitten Cam you’ll only find in Ann-Ventures. Check in with some of the sweet little furry friends from The Suncoast Animal League, and to find your own furever friend pay them a visit at the shelter on Pennsylvania Avenue in Palm Harbor or at any of their fun-raisers. We  recently spent a a picture perfect day under the oaks in Highlander Park in Dunedin for Mutt Madness with 70 adoptions! Spicie made her Mutt Madness debut, the Lhasa Apsos’s did a lot of meeting and greeting, and we learned how to perform CPR on our pets with a demo from Suncoast Ambulance.

By the way if you were lucky enough to find a new friend please send us a family photo so we can share it with everyone. Stay up to date with the Suncoast Animal League on social media and with their newsletter. And remember – adopt, don’t shop.

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