Posted: 6:01 am Thursday, March 30th, 2017

Meet Ms Abby 

By Ann Kelly

It’s time for us to check in with the Suncoast Animal League and a new pet of the week. And she’s GORGEOUS! If you’re looking for a SUPER CALM kitty who just likes to chill, a kitty that wants to hang out, be quiet and be still we have her! Oh, and better yet if you want company, but aren’t looking for high feline entertainment, look no further than our sweet Ms Abby! This 6-year-old Siamese mix kitty is the perfect fit for someone who is relaxed and wants a kitty to curl up nearby and watch movies with. She wants to chill and be cool. She isn’t the crazy kitten who will climb your drapes (although we do love a good drapes climber!). What about Ms Abby’s requirements?? She wants you to be quiet too. If you want to play your drums, she probably won’t appreciate that. Do you like blaring your rock music throughout the house when you’re cleaning? She may pack her bags and wave goodbye to you on her way out the door. And if you have other pets, she probably won’t be too thrilled with them if they want to be buddies with her. She mostly enjoys human companionship. Alright, well, that’s our Ms Abby in a nutshell. If you think she’s the kitty for your quiet household, please call, email or stop by our shelter to meet her. She has been spayed and microchipped, and is up-to-date with vaccines.


And by the way if Ms Abby isn’t your cup of tea please remember there are many more fun felines and delightful doggies at the Suncoast Animal League. Can’t adopt? No problem, you can show the love with a donation to help them out with their current expenses incurred by the Fab Five who officially have their forever homes. Take a look at the emotional adoptions at yesterdays fund raiser at Crooked Thumb Brewery. Meet Suncoast Executive Director Rick Chaboudy and all the amazing volunteers who have many stories to share and would love to tell you how to become a volunteer or a foster family.