A Pitch For Learning To Swim

A Pitch For Learning To Swim 

Posted: 4:52 am Tuesday, April 4th, 2017

By Ann Kelly

When I think of Anthony Sullivan, I think of someone who could sell me just about anything. You probably know him best for the many products he’s pitched on TV, but Anthony has a very serious side when it comes to water safety. You may have seen him at the South Tampa YMCA getting in a workout as a part of the St Pete Masters. But as a certified adult-learn-to-swim instructor his message is simple – learn to swim!


April is Adult Learn To Swim Month and the statistics on just how many adults do not know how to swim are rather scary on their own. But did you know that there is only a 13% chance that a child will learn to swim if their parent’s don’t? Why don’t more adults learn? It can be as simple as pure embarrassment, but why risk your life when there’s no shortage of programs to take advantage of.


Anthony is passionate about getting the word out – after all, even though he’s a strong swimmer he almost drowned himself last year. What happened? Well, take just few minutes right now and hear it all from Anthony Sullivan. Oh, and if you’re wondering what the next big pitch might be…well, you’ll have to hear it from him!


For more information and learn-to-swim programs and the Master’s program, just click on these links.