Posted: 4:00 am Tuesday, April 18th, 2017

Keeping The Family Together – Meet the SAL Bunnies Of the Week 

By Ann Kelly

It’s not often that the Suncoast Animal League gets domestic bunnies coming through the shelter, but we have a pair who have been together most of their lives and are attached at the hip, so to say. Meet Cupcake (white & black) and Camo (stripes).

Cupcake is 5-years-old and was born in a bunny rescue so she has always been an indoor pet. She loves her blue igloo and to snuggle in a soft blanket. Camo is probably 5 or 6-years-old. He was rescued from a horse farm years ago and has been Cupcake’s best friend ever since. Camo is the bold one of the pair and loves to be around activity. He enjoys being petted and talked to. His favorite activity is sitting on the couch beside you watching TV.

Cupcake and Camo have been spayed and neutered, respectively. They are litter box trained and enjoy zooming around the house (with supervision). They are familiar with other animals but need to be supervised as not all dogs and cats can resist the urge to chase a bunny. Interested in meeting Cupcake and Camo to possibly adopt them? Please email us at don’t forget to follow the Suncoast Animal League on social media (Facebook, Twitter) and YouTube) for the latest live streams from Executive Director Rick Chaboudy and the many rescues we’ve been able to follow.