Posted: 4:09 am Friday, April 21st, 2017

“Bee” Part Of The Solution 

By Ann Kelly

There’s nothing I love more than puttering in my butterfly garden on a cool morning. But that garden needs the bees! This Earth Day I’d like to introduce you to Matthew Shepherd of The Xerces Society and the new book “100 Plants To Feed The Bees”. How many stories have you read lately that highlight how threatened bees are? They’re losing their natural habitats to overdevelopment, the use of insecticides and pesticides and changes in our environment. And that phrase “busy as a bee” couldn’t be closer to the truth – they a critical part of a healthy environment that we can help create and sustain for their use. 100 Plants is a simple, handy guide to creating a natural habitat of our own for bees, butterflies and other interesting insects. I’ll let Matthew tell you his story and about the work of the Xerces Society.

So take some time today to walk around the yard, or plan a container garden for your patio or porch. Add and little color and interest to your life and welcome the bees and butterflies into your life. I’ll have 100 Plants as part of the Ann Kelly’s Kitchen Collection soon. For now, don’t forget to register to win our latest collection right here.