Taking It One Day At A Time

Taking It One Day At A Time 

Posted: 3:15 pm Monday, May 29th, 2017

By Ann Kelly

It’s a fitting way for me to bring you up to date with Lupus Awareness Month about to end.  It’s been an eventful month but also one that’s taught me a great deal about being a good patient, and a better communicator. Lupus is not an easy disease to deal with and that’s been the case over the last month or so.  It’s very sobering to realize that I have a whole lot of specialists on that contact list but I’m also grateful for their expertise. But back to being a good communicator. Right now I feel that I need to take a good deep breath when things seem to be going wrong and prioritize. I’ll admit that seeing my lab reports come back with extremely unexpected results can send my mind in a million directions – and usually straight to the laptop to try and understand what they mean. That’s fine but I am no expert. I know I also need talk with the doctor and get things in perspective.  But I’m sure you know what I mean when you feel like your mind is going in a million different directions and you’re imagining the worst.  So again I’ll keep positive and be grateful that when I do need to have things checked out I have BayCare on my side. I’m a big fan of the Patient Portal that’s available to me, and you of course. It’s the perfect way to check my imaging and lab results, keep my health record up to date and more. It’s all in one place and incredibly convenient since I can walk right down the hall after my workout!

With Jim At The Gym


Speaking of which…when I made the commitment to take much better care of myself and started working with Charlotte Mapes, my Wellness Dietitian at BayCare Fitness Center- Carillon that was a good first step to clean eating. Then adding the expertise of Jim Healy as my trainer made for the perfect combination for diet and exercise.  It’s that one-two punch that can keep me on the path to better health, and when things are a little off-track thanks to a flare give me the tools I need to stay as active as possible. I know how easy it is on a day when I’m not feeling so hot to just blow off the workout. But that’s something I don’t do.  There’s always something I can do and I’ve said to Jim more than once how much better I felt after working out. It’s just one more way I can take back some control.

But even though the month may pass Lupus does not. So here’s to a better month and more quality time with Jim and Charlotte, and the BayCare Fitness Center. To start on your one road to better health begin right here