Apollo 8: The Thrilling Story Of The First Mission To The Moon 

Posted: 9:01 am Wednesday, June 7th, 2017

By Ann Kelly

Jeffrey Kluger – photo Audrey Kluger

One of the best things about life here in the Sunshine State is being so close to the Kennedy Space Center. I grew up in Ohio watching launches, holding my breath when the astronauts came back and being overwhelmed by their bravery and sacrifice. A new book from Jeffrey Kluger brings so much of that rushing back with the story of Apollo 8 and the move to make it to the moon and plan it all in less than four months.


“Apollo 8: The Thrilling Story Of The First Moon Mission” is the kind of book I love with a great deal of behind-the-scenes stories like why schedules went right out the window when NASA decides to make the mission to the moon happen for President Kennedy in just four months and winning the space race against the Russians. Then the sobering stories from Frank Borman, Jim Lovell and Bill Anders on how to tell their families what was going on and the odds of coming back. And how that iconic “earth rising” photo came to be.


The title is spot on. It’s a thrilling book that will bring back many memories of the race to space, and Jeffrey give us his take as well on the commercialization of space travel. I’m more than happy to share my interview here, and to give you the chance to win your own copy of “Apollo 8: The Thrilling Story Of The First Moon Mission”. Enter here by next Thursday, June 15th and we’ll draw one name at random to win. Be sure to follow Jeffrey Kluger on Twitter.  


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