A High-Five For A New Home

A High-Five For A New Home 

Posted: 7:29 am Saturday, July 8th, 2017

By Ann Kelly

Some furry little people just find their own way in life when that life is in a shelter. That’s why we really need you to get to know Peaches and how much this cute with kitty loaded with ‘catitude” is ready for her forever home. Here’s how Annette Dettloff from the Suncoast Animal League sums up what we get when we get Peaches. Let’s start with adorable factor which is just off the charts…rolled over on his back…asking for a belly rub…aww…sooo cute and sooo fluffy…and sooo…….FEISTY!!!!  Peaches likes to play a little game with everyone in the shelter. It’s called “Bait & Switch.” Wanna play?? Here’s how it goes…

Step 1: Peaches rolls over on his back and paws the air in your general direction with that adorable “come over here and pet my belly” attitude.


Step 2: You see it and smile, thinking “ohhh my, WHAT A CUTE KITTY! Think I’ll go pet Peaches’ belly.”

Step 3: You rise from your seat and walk over to Peaches, asking “Peaches, would you like your belly rubbed??”

Step 4: Peaches nods his approval.

Step 5: You reach up to pet that fluffy belly and as you are in beginning to enjoy the softness of his fur, WAP!!! He slaps you. Hard. But since he’s declawed, you don’t suffer too badly. It’s mostly just your ego that is bruised because you realize you’ve just played “Bait & Switch” with Peaches  and once again, YOU LOST.

Step 6 : Peaches laughs at you as you slink away.


Well, now doesn’t that sound like a fun game to play with a cat?? Peaches has been available for adoption at ourshelter for a loooooong time because he hasn’t met the right person yet who loves playing “Bait & Switch” with him. Peaches needs a forever home. How about with YOU?? Do you love cats with “catitude?” Stop by our shelter and meet Mr. Peaches! Peaches is 6-years-old and weighs 18 lbs. He has been neutered, microchipped and is up-to-date with vaccines. He is chill, laid back cat and is fine with calm dogs and cats. Peaches is comical and independent. He will let you know when its cuddle time, which probably won’t be as often as other cats. Peaches is his own man. Let’s find that forever home for Peaches ASAP. The Suncoast Animal League is located at 1030 Pennsylvania Ave, Palm Harbor, Florida, FL 34683 and can be reached at (727) 786-1330. And of course on Facebook, Twitter and both web sites for the shelter and their new cool new thrift shop which if you’re very lucky usually has a visitor from the shelter. Just look at who dropped in last week – Penny is a 103 lb Great Pyrenees mix who is currently available for adoption. Penny was so excited to see us when she came in to the shop she jumped right up on the counter!