Posted: 4:16 am Tuesday, August 1st, 2017

By Ann Kelly


There was a moment last weekend when I truly realized what a difference the invaluable assistance from BayCare for my diet and exercise plan has made. I was home for my nephew Danny’s wedding on Saturday, and Sunday my sister Tricia, brother in law Sal, my nephew young Sal and I took my Mom out for some fresh air on an incredibly beautiful day. Brandywine Falls in Peninsula is a lovely place to walk but this past weekend it was just so over the top with a tremendous display of wildflowers everywhere. The walking trails were busy so Tricia and I decided to hike down for a better view of the waterfall. That meant a lot of stairs but for once I didn’t think twice about it. On the way back up my first thought wasn’t “I am SO going to pay for this tomorrow.” It was “I’m so glad I tried.” And you know what, it wasn’t all that bad the next day.

Life can be all about those little victories. It certainly has become that for me. It’s that subtle change in my mindset that makes those not-so-hot days when the Lupus is in what I call a bad mood a little more tolerable. But when my trainer Jim Healy said during one session recently how much better my stamina and stability were that made the victories that much sweeter. For any of us with a chronic disease who have to live with the good and the bad days, it’s taking some control over those bad days that makes the difference. So when I look at a long stretch of stairs that can take me through beautiful wooded areas leading to a spectacular waterfall and realize I can do that…that’s control.

If attitude is indeed everything this past weekend meant more to me than you can ever know. I’ll keep taking life one day at a time, live for those days when I’m working with out with Jim at the BayCare Fitness Center and take more long walks with great views. If you’d like to work on that yourself take time right now to see what BayCare can offer you and I hope to see you working out soon.


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