A Total Eclipse And How To Handle It With Dr Steve Ruskin 

Posted: 4:23 pm Friday, August 18th, 2017

By Ann Kelly


It’s not the end of the world or the zombie apocalypse but Monday will be a day to remember for a long time. After all, the last time we had an eclipse that will cross the US from coast to coast was 99 years ago. I had a very interesting conversation with award-winning historian of astronomy Steve Ruskin PhD, author of the new book “America’s First Great Eclipse: How Scientists, Tourists and the Rocky Mountain Eclipse of 1878 Change Astronomy Forever.” Face it. The solar eclipse is like the Super Bowl of celestial events for the scientific community. I’ve loved watching so many of the experts talk about it and Dr. Ruskin has that same passion, along with a great sense of humor about what he believes will be the most watched total solar eclipse in human history.



So how do we view it safely? When does it begin and end? And what small towns are about to become the center of the universe on Monday? Dr. Ruskin has good advice on all those questions and more – check the NASA web site. One of the most important is to make sure those glasses you scored on Amazon are the real deal and not the recalls. Take a few minutes and get the whole story from Dr. Steve Ruskin and enjoy Monday.  Here’s hoping our weather cooperates so we can enjoy the view from our little corner of the universe. To follow along with Dr. Ruskin who will be in Wyoming to view the eclipse on Monday just click here. He’s going to have one of the best views in America and sharing will be amazing!