Posted: 6:39 am Friday, August 25th, 2017

By Ann Kelly

I just had to share this with you from the Suncoast Animal League’s newsletter. Ralphie is doing so well, and just like any kid who starts to feel better after any injury he still needs to be watched. But I’ll let him tell you what’s up!

“Yo! How’s it hanging everyone?? It’s me, Ralphie! Betcha been wondering what I’ve been up to. Wellllllll………a whole lotta nuthin’! And I’ve been BORED TO TEARS!

So you guys remember the doggie bones doctor said to me ‘Ralphie sir, you must stay off your paws 100% for the next 4 weeks and then off your paws some more for the next 4 weeks after that.’ I said “Oh gesh mister doggie bones doctor, are you for reals????? I am just a puppy. I must be freeeee! I must run and play!” And he said “No little Ralphie! Your leg was badly broken by that mean man and I am pretty darn good at what I do but you could re-break that leg if you do not listen to me and stay quiet for 8 weeks!” That is when he turned around and I stuck my tongue out at him and then I said “Okay, fine mister doggie bones doctor, I will stay quiet.”

But let me tell you something….being a quiet puppy has not been easy! I have a friend named Joey and he is FAST and wants to play with me and I want to RUUUUUUUN with him but I do not because I want my broken leg to finish healing. Ugh. So I have been BORED TO TEARS for 5.5 weeks.

BUT SOON……………………..I…WILL…RUN!!!!!!!

Stayed tuned………love from Ralphie

We don’t doubt that for one minute. The Suncoast Animal League does some pretty amazing work and Ralphie is just one example. Visit the shelter and see if you might like to adopt, be a foster parent or a volunteer. And don’t forget the Thrift Shop!