With More Than A Little Help From My Friends 

Posted: 5:03 am Monday, September 18th, 2017

By Ann Kelly


On one of my visits to my nephrologist (that’s the kidney doc) one of the questions he had for me was what kind of support system I had. That’s the first time any doctor has asked that and it really made me think. I am blessed with good friends and coworkers. But the rest of my family is up in Ohio. So it’s a long distance support system for sure. Dealing with a chronic illness means a lot of visits to various doctors and having someone to just unload with is a must. Many of my online Facebook friends are generous enough to post what they’re going through at the moment and I know those many replies mean the world to them. The loaded question however is how much you’re comfortable with sharing and when you need to hold back. This is where I get the most personal and I’m okay with that. It goes back to conversations I’ve had where the person I’m talking to doesn’t know a lot about Lupus. It can come with a lot of baggage, otherwise known as syndromes. When I stop to list mine that’s when it feels overwhelming. They are all something I live with and with luck they’re not all bugging me at the same time. What are the triggers? Stress, lack of sleep, lack of exercise – and that will make anyone cranky. But if you ever hear me say things are “cranky” today that usually means I’m not having a good day. I have found one of the most important weapons I have against cranky days are my workout at the BayCare Fitness Center. Jim knows me, know my weaknesses and strengths and as I’ve said many time knows how to bring out the best in me. That alone can be a bit of work some days.

So ask yourself – where and who are part of my support system? Could be a tough question but it’s one to ask now. And treasure those in your life that will accept you for who you are. Flaws and all.

For more information on BayCare and the Fitness Center just click here. Hope to see you on my next workout.