Take The Hiking Spree Challenge With Me! 

Posted: 8:50 am Thursday, November 9th, 2017

By Ann Kelly




IUpper Tampa Bay 1 love a challenge. And, I love long walks in beautiful parks. So put those two together and we have the Hillsborough County Hiking Spree. I’ve accepted that challenge! What a great opportunity to show you some of the wonderful parks in Hillsborough County and take you down the many hiking trails. The Hiking Spree Challenge is easy; once you register simply choose at least eight parks to take your hike in now through March 31st of 2018, keep track of your travels and if you complete the challenge choose from a patch, medallion or walking stick.



Upper Tampa 23

My first trip was to Upper Tampa Bay Trail. That was actually one of the first county parks I visited when I first moved here, and it’s a real treasure. My greatest thrill that Saturday morning was spotting a set of Bobcat tracks in the mud from earlier in the day. I was in the park close to noon so very few of the residents were active – early in the day is best for that. But I especially loved the boardwalks and the wide open areas along the Bobcat Trail. It’s not a tough walk and that’s one think I appreciate when it comes to choosing a trail. You know right up front which might present more of a challenge than others.



Upper Tampa 11I had the chance to talk with Dana McDonald about the Hiking Spree for a little more advice on the Challenge and the best way for you to get involved. It’s the perfect time of the year for that long walk. We may be setting up some guided hikes just for Dove listeners, so keep checking pack. See you on the trails!


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