The Manatees Are Back! 

Posted: 3:35 pm Friday, November 24th, 2017

By Ann Kelly


The manatees are returning to TECO’s Big Bend Power Plant in Apollo Beach and I’m glad I took a little side trip on Black Friday before heading home for a little online shopping. There are not as many at the Viewing Center as you will see when the water in their usual habitats gets cooler but there were more than enough to charm the many visitors. Along with the manatees I actually had a quick glimpse at a few sharks! The tarpon were also around but the stars of the show will also be the manatees.

I found one mother and calf but the majority of the others were further away from us and closer to the warm waters of the power plant. But it was still as much fun as always, and the Tidal Walk is a great place to learn a little, spot a few seabirds further out and get a great view of the plant. If you haven’t stopped in a while, here’s all the info you’ll need for visit. Your guests will love it, and the gift shop…okay, so I didn’t completely wait to leave to  start a little shopping! By the way it’s a wonderful place to volunteer if you’re at least 18.



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