Will A New Year Bring A New Me? 

Posted: 8:23 am Monday, January 1st, 2018

By Ann Kelly


So how are those resolutions going? I wasn’t going to make any but after a couple of less than stellar flights home I did. I saw a man wallop a woman right in the head with his carry on in the mad rush to leave one flight and barely apologize, then refused to give her his name and address and told her “the airline would take care of it.” No, the airline is about to take care of you, sir. Then as I was enjoying a nice approach to Tampa International Airport at sunset a women sitting next to me made the snide comment that she would have loved to see it too but the “humongous” women sitting across from me was blocking. Yes, out loud. What is wrong with us? People, can we just be nice?

And there you have it. This year I just want to be nice. To take that moment before reacting and realize how powerful emotions are and that I can control them. It’s my choice. But it doesn’t hurt to have a little help along the way, does it? Mark Youngblood is the author of “Dear Human, Master Your Emotions” and founder of Inner Mastery. That may sound easier said than done, because yes, after all we are human. We send messages with our emotions every day but Mark points out in his book that he thinks there really are no negative emotions but all emotions send messages. How we handle them can be very dramatic and that’s something Mark does not advocate. But he also gets his message across using a fictitious family to show how we can face these emotional challenges and “master our emotions.” You can hear the full interview with Mark here.

It’s a good read for a fresh start to a new year, and to help me keep my resolution of just being nice. Sound simplistic? Not at all. Try it for just one hour and see what I mean. So those rude people I encountered on the plane, or the guy with 12 items in ten time item or less line will not matter less, they’ll just be a new challenge. Happy New Year my friends, it’s going to be a good one.