Bear Aware 

Posted: 4:17 pm Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018

By Ann Kelly


There are certain things that get my attention on Ann-Ventures. Great views, beautiful sunrises….and signs warning of bears. You don’t have to go that far outside of the Bay area for that. But it is the first time I’ve seen that sign in Colt Creek State Park off SR 471 in Lakeland. Oh it’s a beautiful park with great trails but since I was a) on my own, and b) without bear spray the wiser choice was to stay close to path around Mac Lake and not venture out too far.


But it’s a beautiful park with equestrian trails, campsites, 12 miles of trails and the usual Florida wildlife. But now I really do need to learn a little more about things like bear spray….


Enjoy the show, and give this park a try. Since it was a cool morning last Saturday it wasn’t crowded and pretty calm. Love the sunshine, just need a few more degrees please!



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