Let’s Start At The Very Beginning… 

Posted: 6:10 pm Saturday, March 24th, 2018

By Ann Kelly


….Because it’s a very nice place to start, right? Ah, the legendary guacamole green bathtub and sink, linoleum floor and fluorescent lighting that made it clear the 70’s were still very much alive in my guest bathroom. But that’s all changing and it’s just one of the coolest things to watch happen with the incredible talents of my designer Larissa Hicks and her team from S & W Kitchens.

So where did I start? With a visit to the showroom (you’ll find two – one in Palm Harbor and in South Tampa) and a meeting with Larissa. I knew what I wanted my guest bath to be – welcoming, cozy and a great place for a long soak in the tub that tells my guest how much I love having them in my home. It was fun to just chat with Larissa and get to know each other, which led to her knowing what my style is and it didn’t take long before we were looking at samples. And I am so in love with what’s to come!


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So next, it’s back to the house for precise measuring, a little silliness – who knew you could fit that many people in that room?! But that next step made the process even more exciting. I could really see and feel how things would come together, and if I could have started the demolition process right then and there I would have! But oh the interesting things you discover in the process – like knowing that big mirror over the vanity was GLUED to the wall for goodness sakes. This is why we leave things to the professionals! But when it’s all said and done it’s all so worth it to wave a final, and not so fond farewell to what was….and look forward to what is to come. Because it’s going to be simply wonderful. Why not start the process yourself for your kitchen or bathroom and get that free consultation I’ve been telling you about? Just click right here and let them know Ann Kelly sent you.


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Up next….it’s DEMO DAY!