The Things You Learn… 

Posted: 1:11 pm Tuesday, March 27th, 2018

By Ann Kelly


Every day is an Ann-Venture when the guest bathroom is being remodeled by S & W Kitchens. Today I learned there are right and left hand bathtubs. Don’t ask, just go with  it. But I love each little nugget of knowledge I’m absorbing as the process continues.

So. Demo day. Most of that went on while I was at work with you, but I have to say I was pretty impressed to see my designer Larissa front and center on the cleanup! I think of demo as therapy. Ticked off? Take off some tile! Tired? Take it out on the old linoleum. It’s kind of special when you really can’t hurt anything. Oh, of course until you get down to things like the plumbing and electrical. That’s when most people politely invite me to vacate the area. Apparently my klutz gene is no secret.

But major points for those who take enough time and care to protect floors, furniture, etc. The rest of the house may be one big pile of “move it or lose it” but even the ripped out guest bath looks so tidy without anything in it. But that is changing as I speak. This week, plumbing and electrical will be inspected, we’ll move along to drywall and tile and other such fun.

But for now –  a few before and after demo picks to give you a little idea of where we are. I can’t people some of you still thing the guacomole bathtub and sink weren’t real.  But they’re resting comfortably wherever they go when they’re no longer needed. Buh-bye!

Up next….ooooh, pretty! And simply wonderful.




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