A New Perspective On Surviving Cancer 

Posted: 5:39 am Thursday, April 26th, 2018

By Ann Kelly


Talk with any cancer survivor and you’ll hear a different perspective on surviving cancer from each one. But when you talk with a doctor that’s the cancer survivor it’s a different sort of perspective.  Dr. John Poothullil, FRCP and author of Surviving Cancer: A New Perspective on Why Cancer Happens & Your Key Strategies for a Health Life was diagnosed some six years ago. There’s no easy answer to why someone is diagnosed or what may have been the cause,. For instance, you may have seen a story recently on the possible connection between coffee and cancer or another on fast food and your cancer risk. Dr. Poothullil’s new book will give you insight into some of that and his personal battle.



The bottom line is that there are no easy, quick answers but continuing cancer research gives us hope. You can join survivors, friends and families who walk in memory of those we have lost at the many Relay for Life events. It’s a powerful way to become a part of the solution.



For more from Dr. Poothullil I have my interview here, and you can follow his work on his web site.