Plunging Into Gelatin For The Children’s Cancer Center 

Posted: 4:28 am Wednesday, May 16th, 2018

By Ann Kelly


I’ve done it myself. It’s a rather unforgettable experience! Sliding into a massive pool filled with cold gelatin. Now why would someone do that? One very good reason – in support of the Children’s Cancer Center. Heading down that slippery slide this year representing Cox Media Group Tampa is Mika Rotunda with a serious fund raising goal of $5,000. So why should you dip into the checking account? One reason. One day, it may be your family needing the loving support of the Children’s Cancer Center.


The Children’s Cancer Center in Tampa was founded by Mac and Cecile Burnett, parents who lost their daughter Helen to leukemia. It was that emotional journey that make the Burnett’s realize when a child is diagnosed with a disease like cancer that the it is really the whole family which is diagnosed. Dr. Janifer M. Judisch assisted the Burnetts to create The Children’s Cancer Center and the funds raised will continue the work of their many services and programs.


The Plunge takes place the evening of June 16th at the Children’s Cancer Center in Tampa from 7-11 pm at 4901 W. Cypress St.. To show your love and support for Mika just click here and let’s get this done!