Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday Kicks Off Friday 

Posted: 4:03 am Thursday, May 31st, 2018

By Ann Kelly


Hurricane season 2018 didn’t wait until the official start date of June 1st; Alberto dumped plenty of rain on the bay area leading to some flooding and minor power outages. But if you were caught without backup of some sort you may not have learned a lesson from last year when Hurricane Irma devastated so much of Florida. It’s time to stock up and tax advantage of the sales tax holiday which runs from June 1st-June 7th and covers a wide range of items. We can show you the complete list here along with items that are not covered. One thing that might catch your attention is sales in a theme park, entertainment complex, public lodging establishment, or airport are not covered. But it’s things we really need like coolers, ice chests, portable generators that sell for $750 or less, and batteries for powering radios (also covered) and more. Stocking up now and not panic-buying before a storm is a good plan.


It’s also time to make sure you have your personal plans in place for the family, important papers secured, food, water and what else should be in that emergency kit set aside and knowing your evacuation and flood zones. Oh, and make sure you know what to do to protect your pets, too – and what shelters they will be welcome in, Check the links below for more and check with your county’s emergency management sites for more information. The Dove Hurricane Guide will be online to help you out along with our partners from 10 News, home of Stormtracker Ten to keep you safe in the storm. We’re all in this together.


-County-by-county sandbag locations

Hillsborough County Emergency Management

Pinellas County Emergency Management

-Pasco County Emergency Management

-Hernando County Emergency Management

-Polk County Emergency Management

-Manatee County Emergency Management

-Sarasota County Emergency  Management

-National Hurricane Center