A Talk With Toto’s Joseph Williams

  • 4:13 am Friday, June 29th, 2018 by Ann Kelly

Once again I look at the years gone by in music and am tremendously grateful I can still enjoy many of the songs I’ve played so often over the years – and better yet, see them performed live in concert. Toto has sold more than 35 million albums and have gifted us with songs that we still get a chill from the first chords. “Africa,” Rosanna,” “Hold the Line” and so many more. The act is still together and they’re taking it on the road for the “40 Trips Around The Sun Tour’ that makes a stop at Clearwater’s Ruth [More]

Food Safety During Storms

  • 4:21 am Friday, June 8th, 2018 by Ann Kelly

I made it just in time for the sale tax holiday for hurricane prep supplies. It’s over now but that shouldn’t stop you from making sure you have enough supplies to get you through another hurricane season. If Irma taught us anything it pays to have the most important items ready to go like a generator, food and water, and anything that uses batteries like weather radios, fans and lights. I was without power for eight days and let me tell you, opening that fridge and freezer? Nasty!

But on the plus site that fridge has never been cleaner. I [More]