It’s Simply Wonderful! 

Posted: 4:48 am Wednesday, August 22nd, 2018

By Ann Kelly



When I bought my house some years ago I knew it needed updates. Like that guest bathroom stuck in the 70’s with an avocado green bathtub and sink, fixtures that were just plain sad and don’t even get me started on the curling linoleum and fluorescent lighting. Ugly and in need of a more than serious update – it needed a full remodel. Enter the wonderful Larissa Hicks from S & W Kitchens and a crew that brought new life to an old bathroom. It’s the best room in the house now. What made me choose S & W? I love that they are a family owned and operated business that’s been a part of our lives for over forty years. Now that’s a commitment to our community.


A full remodel is a big deal and that’s why you really need to choose your company carefully. It’s nothing I’d ever even think of trying to take on myself. Larissa walked me through every minute of what to expect from the initial consultation to the final walk through. I have to say I felt like a real kid in a candy store in the showroom. Everything looked so pretty – but in the end Larissa and I knew what would work for my house and taste. Their attention to detail and making sure I was happy every step of the way was so impressive. If you’ve ever had to track down a wayward contractor, deal with a less than cooperative permit inspector or any one of the million little things that can make you wonder why you ever decided to do a simple upgrade of full remodel, that’s something you will never have to worry about with S & W Kitchens. That’s their job – and to make you a very happy customer like they’ve done for me. Did I also mention how careful they were to clean up every day? Yes, it’s something like that which makes a difference and sets S & W apart. You can see the article from S & W online now on the remodel and I’ll show you my pics from start to finish below. Remember the very beginning?


I have a long list of people to thank, all those workers who were there day in and day out making sure everything was perfect. You all are welcome back into my home anytime – so let’s start thinking about a new project soon! Additional grateful thanks to Rickie Agapito at AOFOTOS.COM for those final fantastic photos. If you’d like your kitchen or bathroom to look simply wonderful again, please visit friends at S & W Kitchens right now in their showrooms in Palm Harbor or South Tampa, and of course online so we can give you that free design consultation log on to S & W Kitchens. 

*   Designer: Larissa Hicks

*   Design Assistant: Yina Brown

*   Supervisor: Eric Rodeback

*   Demo, Framing: Color Time Trim – Paul Romero (Owner)

*   Electrical: On Time Electric – Rick Super (Owner)

*   Plumbing: S&W Kitchens Brain Morton

*   HVAC: ACHS Mark Pugliano (Owner)

*   Drywall/Painting: Maitland Investment Ent. Lindley White (Owner)

*   Backsplash/Tile: European Quality Tile. Andrey Melnichuk (Owner)

*   Clean UP: RCS Commercial Cleaning. Rene Simms (Owner)

And finally for all of you who have asked me when you can see the finished project let’s get right to that!


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